Dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of waste material.

Manchester Redemption Center is a certified Connecticut Redemption Center and accepts most of all aluminum, glass, and plastic containers bearing the Connecticut Redemption Value logo showing CT 5ยข deposit. Those who wish to redeem containers can visit the center. We are a committed and long-standing member of the community. Our operations have centered in Manchester since the company was founded nearly twenty four years ago and we continue to work with the community. We maintain an active partnership with the Fire Departments, Churches, Boys and Girl Scouts, and Neighboring Public Schools. If you have large quantities, we pick up the empties on Saturday as schedule from your place or you can bring your bottles and cans for redemption. Spread the word to your families and friends.

Why come to Manchester Redemption?

  • Full 5 Cents Refund!
  • Friendly and Quick Service!
  • Full Payment Right Away!
  • Free Pickup For Big Loads!
  • Free Supplies for your empty
    cans, water/soda plastic bottles!
  • Free Help!
  • Wait Free!
  • Machine Free!
  • Limit Free !

We love small or big load of empties. Remember to redeem your Water Bottles too. Convenient for Hartford County Towns including Manchester, South Windsor, Vernon, Berlin, Glastonbury, East Hartford, Windsor, Enfield, West Hartford, Bloomfield, Ellington, Bolton, Andover, Columbia, Coventry, Willimantic and others. Come visit our place and you will be delighted with our friendly services.

95 Hilliard Street, Manchester, Connecticut - 06042